Chaplain Patrick Joyner



Patrick and Rhonda Joyner both had the privilege of growing up in Christian homes. They met at church in Memphis, TN while Rhonda was finishing her graduate studies. While in college, Patrick sensed a call into the military and was selected into the submarine nuclear power officer program in 1987. After graduation from college and the two year nuclear power training, he served onboard three submarines. Since submarines do not have chaplains, Patrick had the opportunity to lead worship services while underway. This led to a sense of call to serve as a Navy Chaplain. So he completed a six year commitment in the Navy in 1993, graduated from seminary in 1999 and was called to pastor First Baptist Church of Green Forest, AR. After two years of working toward reformation at this church, Patrick was able to enter the Navy as a Chaplain. Patrick has served as a Navy Chaplain to the Marine Air Control Group at Cherry Point, NC; Destroyer Squadron 26 and the Operational Ministry Center in Norfolk, VA; the Second Recruit Training Battalion and the Headquarters and Service Battalion at Parris Island, SC; and is currently serving the Second Marine Regiment at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.


  • Sending Church: Ephesus Church, Rincon, GA 
  • Position: Chaplain: Second Marine Regiment, Camp Lejeune, NC 
  • Children: William (1993); Audrey (1995); Jordan (1995); Maggie (1998); Noah (1999); LaurelAnna (2004); Mary M’Cheyne (2006) 
  • Birthdays: Patrick (April 2); Rhonda (Jan 27) 
  • Anniversary: July 1
  • Email: Time Zone: ET
  • Phone: 910-372-2821 
  • Address: P.S. Joyner, LCDR, CHC, USN 121 Gemstone Dr. Sneads Ferry, NC 28460


  • Additional demands on family caused by moving every 2 or 3 years 
  • The military subculture is populated with people who have a great deal of personal pride and individualism which is a tremendous hindrance to the gospel 
  • Presently the war in Afghanistan and the military draw down is having huge impacts on military families


  • Faithfulness in ministry & stewarding of immense Gospel opportunities 
  • Holy Spirit preparation in the hearts of those visited and counseled, that they will be receptive to the Gospel and attend our Bible and book studies 
  • Favor in the eyes of those in authority over me 
  • Measurable success in the lives of Marines and families as they submit to God’s ways in dealing with the demands of the military 
  • Continued faithfulness in our family with our schooling, music, hospitality, salvation for our younger children


  • Evangelism, Pastoral Care, Discipleship 
  • Visiting the Marines in their work places — currently there are about 250 Marines and Sailors in the Regimental Headquarters and 6 Infantry Battalions. Each infantry battalion has about 1,000 Marines and Sailors. 
  • Mentoring other Chaplains – each Infantry Battalion has a Chaplain - I invest in their ministries and training. 
  • Often my initial contact with Marines is with a counseling appointment due to some problem they are facing and I bring biblical counsel, pointing to Christ for their needs. 
  • Weekly Bible and book studies designed to introduce people to Christ and guide believers in their walk with Christ.