ARBCA Coordinator

Steve Martin with his wife Cindy



--encourage and facilitate local pastors
--represent ARBCA and its ministries to non-ARBCA churches
--update member churches on the activities of ARBCA
--promote the work of worldwide missions and home church planting through ARBCA
--promote the Institute of Reformed Baptist Studies & the new stand-alone seminary
--promote the work of the Publications Committee and its print and social media
--preach the gospel and expound the Word of God in local churches as opportunities
present themselves.


Steve Martin grew up in the Midwest, his parents being from Chicago and he was born in a small town on the Illinois-Wisconsin border. As his father took job transfers around the Midwest and South Steve lived in 8 states and went to 9 different schools, graduating from High School in Evansville, Indiana in 1966. Attending Wabash College in Indiana, Steve was converted in the middle of his Junior Year. He had watched and participated in campus demonstrations, he viewed the inner cities burning on TV, his college saw first hand the rise of the drug culture and a recreational view of sex, and these things along with his studies in Western civilization, philosophy and literature convinced him that mankind’s problems and his own problems were beyond human solution. Through the ministry of a fellow college student he met on a blind date in the Fall of 1968, Steve was presented with the gospel and was graciously saved by Christ He became active in campus Christian groups at his own and nearby colleges.

Upon graduation in 1970, he worked in student evangelism in southern California and Indiana. Coming to see the doctrines of grace, the centrality of the local church and then experiencing a clarion call to the pastorate while studying Romans, Steve left student work and worked in local churches for two years before attending Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (1979-1981) to train for the gospel ministry. He pastored two churches in the southwest Atlanta suburbs until his retirement in 2012. Beginning in 2013, Steve had a ‘Barnabas ministry’ to pastors and churches in Georgia and the Southeast. At the ARBCA General Assembly in Rockford in 2016, he was elected to be the 4th Coordinator of ARBCA.

Steve met the woman who would become his wife, Cindy, at a Spring Student Outreach at Daytona Beach Florida, four months after becoming a Christian in 1969. Friends for three years, they were married in 1972 and have been ministry partners ever since. They have two grown children and six grandchildren. Their son Matt and his family are active members of Edgewood Baptist Church in Anderson, Indiana with their three children and Sally is married to Mantle Nance, an ARP Presbyterian pastor in Charlotte, NC. Steve and Cindy currently reside in Peachtree City, Georgia.

Steve led his church into RBMS in 1990 and served on the Administrative Council, the Coordinator and Personnel Oversight Committee and the General Assembly Planning Committee. In November of 1996, he was instrumental in the formation of ARBCA and served on the Administrative Council for a decade, the GA Planning Committee, the RBMS/Foreign Missions Committee for a decade and was a Trustee of IRBS for a decade.

Steve was also active in the formation of the Georgia Association of Confessional Baptist Churches which he led as Chairman of the Administration Council for several years. He began and headed up for thirteen years THE LOG COLLEGE, a training school for men preparing for the gospel ministry in Reformed and Baptist churches who could not afford to relocate to more established seminaries in other parts of the country.

He served for five years on the planning committee for the Banner of Truth Pastors Conference in Pennsylvania along with Joel Beeke and Irfon Hughes.

He has published BIBLICAL SHEPHERDING OF GOD’S FLOCK (Day One Publications; 2010) and “Training Men for the Local Church” in DEAR TIMOTHY, edited by Tom Ascol (Founders Press, 2005 and Revised ed, 2016).

HOME CHURCH: Trinity Reformed Baptist Church of Jackson, GA

CHILDREN: MATT (married to Kandi with three children) and SALLY (married
to Mantle Nance with three children)

BIRTHDAYS: Steve (April 9th) Cindy (June 5th)

ANNIVERSARY: September 2, 1972

ADDRESS: 239 Masters Drive South
Peachtree City, GA 30269

HOME PHONE: 817-539-9071
CELL PHONE: 770-468-0335
ARBCA PHONE: 717-249-7473