Daniel & Lorraine Durand



Daniel was born in a catholic family in suburb of Montreal. In adolescence he became more aware of his misery. One day somebody spoke to him about Jesus Christ. In 1979 Daniel converted to Jesus Christ and began reading the Bible. He met Loraine who became his wife. Quickly, Daniel and Loraine had to choose between what the Bible says and what the Roman Catholic Church says. They then adhered to the baptist church of their city.

Daniel and Loraine saw the Lord blessing them by giving them 4 children, Étienne (1985), Georges-Émile (1988), Marie-Thérèse (1990) and Jean-René (1992). The Lord in his grace saved them all.

In 1999 Daniel began his theological studies in the program of high school diploma of the Faculty of evangelical theology of Montreal. His theological reflection brought him more and more towards the doctrines of grace and covenant theology. He met Raymond Perron in the Faculty and was delighted to learn that a family of Churches has the same theology.

In March 2003 Daniel began his pastoral ministry to the Reformed Baptist Church of Montreal. This city of 2 million inhabitants is cosmopolitan and half has French for their mother tongue. All the religions are present. Montreal extends over a surface of almost 200 square miles.
Daniel takes great joy in planting the Church in Montreal.

45 Douglas-Anderson
Chagauguay,QC J6J 5J5
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