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 Special Project Requests for April 2016 - April 2017



Request from Trinity Reformed Baptist Church of Kirkland, Washington - $15,000Trinity Reformed Baptist Church of Kirkland, Washington requests Special Project funds for Cuba in the amount of $15,000 for 2016. As with previous requests, the resources will be directed toward supplemental training for pastors and ministerial aspirants, along with financial help for Reformed Baptist churches in Cuba. Our main interest has been with Daniel Perez and now with his son, Jatniel, as well. These men are part of a Reformed Baptist association in the eastern part of the country. Jatniel’s church (Centro Biblico Crecer) is now legal and is in a position to request and secure the necessary visas for our men. In addition, his church has become a center for supplemental pastoral training, and in time he has plans to begin a seminary.

This particular request is for the following:

1. Resources for pastors Don Lindblad (Trinity Reformed Baptist Church, Kirkland, WA) and Don Arndt (Elm Street Baptist Church, Sweet Home, OR) to lecture on the theme, “What Is the Gospel.” It is anticipated around 300 pastors and ministerial students will be present. This trip is planned for late June. Wayne Anderson of Faro de Gracia, with financial help from the churches who support his work, also plans to attend and to bring books.

2. Resources for pastors Don Lindblad and Eddie Florentino (Heritage Baptist Church, Mansfield, TX) to teach on the theme, “The Public Means of Grace.” This trip is planned for October or November.

Singapore Travel

Request from the Free Grace Baptist Church of Chilliwack, B.C. - $3,500
Free Grace Baptist Church of Chilliwack, B.C. requests $3,500 to purchase two round-trip tickets to Singapore for their member and IRBS student Michael Kirkpatrick and his wife Jessica. Michael has been invited to do a summer internship there this summer at Shalom Reformed Baptist Church, which is pastored by Wei En Yi. Michael hopes to start the 6-8 week internship in the beginning of June.

Total Needed for these 2016 Special Projects - $18,500

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