Special Projects

Special Project Requests for 2018 - 2019

Request from Trinity Reformed Baptist Church of Kirkland, Washington - $13,000

 For more than 20 years, ARBCA (and RBMS prior to ARBCA establishment) has had an active interest in Cuba. Three coordinators and a growing number of our pastors have made individual or multiple trips for ministry to this island nation. Our main interest has been with Daniel Perez and now with his son, Jatniel, as well. These men are part of a Reformed Baptist association in the eastern part of the country.

 Through the kindness and Christian charity of the Los Pinos Nuevos convention of churches, a legal denomination, men in ARBCA received religious visas, allowing them the opportunity to teach young people in summer conferences, to minister to pastors in continuing education seminars, and to lecture in two of their seminaries. This allowed our men to serve these churches and then to preach in the churches associated with the Perez men.

 Things have improved. Jatniel’s church (Centro Biblico Crecer) is now legal and is in a position to request and secure the necessary visas for our men. In addition, his church has become a center for supplemental pastoral training, and in time he has plans to begin a seminary.

 This particular request is for conference and in-country expenses for two trips and travel expenses for several ARBCA men who will do the teaching. One trip is planned for June/July, the other for October/November. Each trip lasts about two weeks and includes teaching the same material in several locations throughout the island. Pastor Don Lindblad will be part of each trip, along with other ARBCA pastors. 

 Your generosity in the past has enabled our churches to do much good in Cuba. We thank you for past gifts and respectfully request your serious consideration of this proposal.

 Total Needed for these 2018 Special Projects - $13,000



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