Theological Training


This committee  is responsible to carry out the ministerial education goals and objectives of the Association. The Committee will perform its task by overseeing all matters pertaining to the Institute of Reformed Baptist Studies (hereinafter, the Institute), an educational organization that exists for the purpose of educating and training men for the pastoral ministry. The Institute will operate autonomously, but in conjunction with Westminster Theological Seminary in California (WTSC) and always subject to the authority of the Association. This Committee Charter requires an understanding of Institute Bylaws. Specifically, the Ministerial Education Committee's responsibilities and duties are:

  • To develop awareness of the need for more Reformed Baptist pastors, both at home and abroad.
  • To implement Association goals relative to ministerial training.
  • To conduct Institute affairs according to Institute Bylaws.
  • To develop and oversee Association ministerial education policy.
  • To serve as the Institute's Board of Trustees, subject to Administrative Council (AC) approval.
  • To supervise the Institute's faculty and personnel selection, in accord with Bylaws.
  • To coordinate the Institute's budget with the Association's Finance Committee, and to oversee the Institute's financial performance relative to the annual budget.
  • To interface with WTSC.
  • To develop Institute curriculum, in accord with Association policy and Institute Bylaws, and to coordinate with WTSC.
  • To oversee Institute publications.
  • To promote the Institute among the churches and prospective students.
  • To oversee Institute business and legal affairs, in accord with Association and Institute policy.
  • To report to the AC, to the Association General Assembly, and to Association member churches on Institute activity.